#TBT That time I literally fell in a hole

India (Fall 2012)

You know those metal grates that you find in the street sometimes? Well, they have a few on the sidewalks in India. More than a few, with more than a few holes in them.

One day, I was walking home from campus with some friends when all of a sudden I stepped into a hole in the middle of one of those grates, with God knows what below me, and I was stuck. At first I thought I had tripped, but then my left foot quickly sank, knee-deep, into a bottomless pit. One minute I’m walking, and the next, my foot goes straight into a mysterious hole. I felt like a cartoon.


I pulled myself out of the hole, examining my very first shinjury, pre-parkour, which covered the entire length of my shin. I had managed to scrape off several layers of skin on the metal grating, I had no idea what was in the hole I just fell into, and I was terrified of getting an infection. My parents began to lose faith in my ability to take care of myself overseas. Wait, what happened? Well, I was walking… and then I fell in a hole. Just walked right into it.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Lesson(s) learned: Watch your step. Laughing > crying. Always carry a First Aid kit.


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